Light duty hydraulic jacks


Made for the auto industry

AC Hydraulic lifting equipment are a stable in car workshops around the world. We are known and respected for high quality, exceptional service and our world-leading warranty. Our offerings include customizable jacking beams for any car lift, presses, transmission jacks and, of course, cranes and hydraulic jacks. Our continuous focus on innovation and improvement ensure that no matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to get a future-proof solution for your workshop.
Lightduty Hydraulic Jack Production

Jacking beams

It is no wonder that our jacking beam is the world's most sold. Our unique height adjustable mounting bracket system guarantees a perfect match for your individual pit or lift, no matter the manufacturer. This allows you to bring your lift equipment up to AC Hydraulic standard, and ensure fast, reliable and precise handling of the vehicle every time. The beams are supplied with a set of extensions, and can be optimized with a wide range of accessories that address all the needs of the modern workshop - now and in the future.
Lightduty Jacking Beam Blue

Light duty inground

The AC Hydraulic light duty inground lift is a state-of-the-art lifting solution for modern car workshops. Configured with either swing-arms or flat carriers, the 3.5 t inground lift offers optimum ergonomics and working conditions for the mechanic when in use, while leaving the floor obstacle-free. Apart from a range of innovative standard features, the lift comes with an optional built-in light feature that seamlessly integrate a light-panel at floor level.

Lightduty Inground (1)

Hydraulic Jacks

The AC Hydraulic jacks made of high-strength steel are a must in any car or van workshop. The quick-lift pedal ensures easy reach of lifting points, while all jacks feature precise and safe control whilst lowering. Combined with a number of carefully integrated safety features, the hydraulic jacks are the obvious choice for quick and easy operation of light-duty vehicles - on site as well as in the workshop.
Lightduty Hydraulic Jack

Junior presses

Our wide range of sturdy and flexible junior presses facilitate the car mechanic’s everyday life. Our models feature transversely moveable rams, optional winch-operated press tables, interchangeable piston heads and, of course, a world-class hand welded frame from high strength steel that will last lifetimes. Built in safety features and a range of clever accessories ensures that operation is always effective, fast, and safe, to accommodate the needs of a modern, fast-paced car workshop.
Lightduty Junior Press

Transmission jacks

Our transmission jacks will save you time and boost efficiency from the first day you use it in the workshop. The construction ensures maximum stability and maneuverability even with heavy loads of fuel tanks, transmissions, exhaust pipes etc., thanks to sturdy swivel castor wheels. Built in safety features allows you to focus on the job at hand, while a wide range of clever accessories ensures that you get the it done as effectively and precisely as possible.
Lightduty Transmission Jack