10. Jun 2020

Raise the standards of your
workshop with our inground lift

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Today, vehicles are becoming more and more compact, which is creating new challenges in professional automotive workshops, and these challenges will only increase in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to have the tools that effectively allow mechanics easy access to all parts of the vehicle. This not only raises the standards of efficiency in the workshop and the quality of the repair work, but it also improves the working conditions, ergonomics, and safety of the mechanics themselves.

To help you meet these increasing demands, we have developed an inground lift that raises the standards for workshops worldwide. It has a maximum capacity of 120 Tonnes and is particularly suitable for businesses servicing many different vehicle types such as trucks, tractor units, and buses with one front axle and up to three rear axles.

The secret behind the ground-breaking lift is our dedicated ambition to delivering state- of-the-art lifting equipment that eliminates the need for compromise – simply by offering all the required and desired functions in one high-tech, Danish made, ergonomic lift.

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Adjustable working height improves working conditions

If we were to name just one key advantage of our best-in-class inground lift, it would be its ability to adjust the lifting height to suit any possible job. Its easy adjustability not only ensures that mechanics always operate at the best possible working height but also guarantees that they have full access to all parts of the vehicle.

And the value of this customization is indispensable; it helps you raise the standard in your present working conditions and eliminate any safety concerns. Like a chain of positive events, the improved working conditions will have a positive impact on the health of every single mechanic and on the overall efficiency of your workshop, which we will highlight in the following paragraphs.

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How many years can a mechanic work lying on their back or down on their knees without being physically worn out?

Being a mechanic is traditionally a physically demanding job that puts a lot of strain on the body. Therefore, there is a great need for tools that consider and protect the health of mechanics.

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Our inground lift provides mechanics with the perfect working conditions and eliminates their need to work lying on their back or on their knees. In this way, our solution upgrades the ergonomic working conditions for mechanics and minimizes their fatigue, keeps physical disabilities at bay, and not least, increases productivity.

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To emphasize our major focus on providing optimum working conditions and improving ergonomics, the inground lift is fully automated and easily operated using a wireless remote control in combination with a touch-screen control panel. So, prepare yourself to enjoy easy and effortless control in lifting, lowering, and (re)positioning with the remote – made possible thanks to the fully automated horizontal and vertical movement of the lifting columns.

As an example of the user-friendliness, it only takes a few minutes to position the lifting columns and crossbeams to align them with the vehicle’s jacking points using the wireless remote controll. To complete the picture, the touch-screen on the control panel offers valuable information about the operation of the lift, ram positions, safety, and potential maintenance.

Obviously, the improved conditions and ergonomics are great news for all mechanics, but business owners and foremen should be excited as well, since these factors significantly improve overall productivity in the workshop.

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Which of these work postures will enable a mechanic to perform at their best: Lying on their back or standing up with free access around and under the vehicle? Naturally, it is the latter and that is why the lift helps mechanics to perform even better and improve their productivity.

Studies show that the standing work posture provided by our lift results in a more thorough inspection and service. This is because it gives access to a complete view of the chassis, making it easier to detect otherwise hidden leakage or damage. Besides the improved quality of repair work, most mechanics find themselves more efficient when employing the lift thanks to the easy access – often up to twice as fast as when using the pit, jacks or axle stands.

In addition to the tangible increase in efficiency, you might also experience a decrease in sickness absence because of the improved working environment and better ergonomics. So, to sum up: The lift boosts the quality and productivity for any type of heavy-duty hoisting, which allows workshops to be more productive and reliable while offering higher quality repair work.

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It takes a bit of trust to stand underneath a multi-tonne vehicle – and that is why safety is crucial in everything we do.

For six decades, lifting solutions from AC Hydraulic have raised the standard of ergonomic workshop equipment – something that would have been impossible without our uncompromising attention to safety.

Our solution is developed on intensive research and our well-known Danish quality craftsmanship, which guarantees its superior safety. This is emphasized by the fact that the solution is CE- marked and complies with the European Standard EN 1493.

All square lifting columns ensure maximum stability and two independent hydraulic circuits in each lifting column offer optimum safety. In fact, one circuit will hold the entire load if necessary, so your safety is guaranteed.

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With more than 60 years of dedicated experience, we know that all workshops have different needs. Therefore our lift can be customized to your exact needs with up to 8 lifting columns with a capacity of 15 ton each. It is also up to you if you a cassette or frame solution.

And no matter whether you go for 2 or 8 rams, the design is based on the same underlying philosophy: we customize the lift to match your needs perfectly, so you do not have to compromise. This gives you optimum freedom to adjust the lift according to any given task with respect to the length and weight of the vehicle in question.

Whether you need 2, 3, 4 or 8 lifting rams depends on the types and sizes of vehicles driving in and out of your door today and tomorrow. To learn more about the technical differences in the number of rams required and how many will be needed to meet your present and future needs, please read our blogpost ”How to choose the right inground lift size”.

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“Where’s the lift?” you might ask …

To ensure the optimum mobility of any type of heavy-duty lifting gear and utilization of space in your workshop, the lift comes with a robust rolling cover, which provides a nice and level floor, making it possible for you to use the area for other tasks besides hoisting.

The rolling cover is made from non-slip aluminium, has a 7-tonne capacity, and is always level with the floor to the full length of the pit no matter what the position of the crossbeams. Additionally, the rolling cover automatically follows the column movement to give you the best possible user experience and eliminate the need to handle the cover plates manually.

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Time is money in a professional workshop. And that is why our lift can be delivered completely assembled, pre-tested, and ready to be plugged in. Of course, we can also deliver the lift as a frame solution where the lifting columns and circuits are retrofitted, if you prefer this.

It goes without saying that the inground solution needs to be installed below floor level. However, the construction depth is much less than in traditional solutions, which – in combination with the plug & play design – ensures an efficient and less expensive installation.

Enjoy the cost savings of a Plug & Play installation. After digging and concreting the construction foundation, it is only a question of connecting the steering box cable before the lift is fully operational. After the simple installation, you are now ready to enjoy the power of uncompromised lifting.

UL2 Kasette


The cassette is a plug&play solution, which makes for an easy installation of your Inground lift. The cassette is galvanized for maximum lifetime, and is delivered pre-assembled from our factory.

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The frame solution contains many of the same advantages as our cassette solution. The frame solution also makes it possible to convert an existing pit into an Inground lift.


Purchasing a new inground lift is a big investment. Therefore, you need to be absolutely sure about everything, from the product’s technical specs to the service you are offered as part of the deal.

You already know a lot about the technical aspects of our solution but how about our level of service?

At AC Hydraulic, we believe in people power. We believe that even the best products and solutions need people at their side. And that is why, we are proud to offer fast support and expert advice whenever you need it.

So, if you are considering the inground lift, we will help you get the most from your investment, guide you through every step of the process, and train your staff – at no extra charge.

To emphasize our confidence in our product safety and quality and to finish in a blaze of uncompromising glory, we are proud to offer you the world’s longest warranty. Therefore, our hoisting solution is covered by a 10-year warranty on the frame, chassis, and steel structures as well as a 3-year warranty on the hydraulics, giving you optimum support and reassurance.

You can read more about our widely acknowledged warranty and how it will improve your business here .

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At AC Hydraulic, we have departed from the traditional understanding of workshops having to compromise and settle for standard lifts: The inground lift is a flexible solution that meets all the demands of a modern automotive workshop and encapsulates our promise to deliver uncompromising Danish quality, safety, and service. As a result, the solution will help improve:

  • Total flexibility
  • Future-proof workshop
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Optimum use of space
  • Highest quality and safety

All in all, our solution will help raise the standards of your workshop – and improve business for you and your customers.