18. Feb 2022

New warehouse and technology center
prepares AC Hydraulic for the future

AC Warehouse

AC Hydraulic finishes new warehouse and technology center, which is to future proof product development and ensure supply during scale up.

High growth has made it necessary to add another 2300 m2 to the already extensive production facility at Fanøvej in Viborg, Denmark. The recently completed facility adds additional warehouse capacity of approx. 2100 m2, as well as a state-of-the-art technology center, which offers an even better foundation for the product development, which will take us into the future.

"We are growing, and we need the space. These new facilities allow us to dedicate space for the development and product-technical department, which are important to our continued growth" says CEO, Carsten R. Jensen.

In the shorter term, the new facilities are a part of our focus on procurement and warehouse management, which we have seen to play a central role in the delivery capability and high service levels, which our customers have benefited from through an otherwise chaotic and challenging period in the world markets. We work to ensure that our customers will not experience a decline in those standards, and this investment comes partly as a result of that.

In addition, the expansion significantly improves the work environment not only for our development personal, but also for the remaining production, which will see an improvement in the flow throughout. As such, this project allows AC Hydraulic to execute on the continuous strategy to modernize production facilities and standards. In that perspective, this expansion is to be followed up by coming additions to the production facilities, which are already being planned.