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Ejner Hessel A/S

Ejner Hessel is Denmark’s largest certified distributor of Mercedes-Benz, Renault and Dacia. The branch in Tilst spans more than 13,000 square metres across two dealerships. In conjunction with the modernisation of the truck workshop in 2018, two old lifts were replaced with two in-ground lifts: one with 2 columns and one with 5 columns.

Ejner Hessel Case

J. Hundahl

J. Hundahl A/S, a New Holland dealer in Denmark, has two bases, in Skive and Thisted respectively. The company has 56 employees. In connection with expansion and modernisation of the business in Skive, they invested in a two-column inground lift for their new 850 m2 workshop.

Hundahl Case

NEG Niebüll

Norddeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft Niebüll GmbH (NEG) is a workshop for railway equipment, buses, trailers and lorries. They handle (almost) any problem with railway equipment, lorries, buses and trailers.
Niebull Case

Odense Renovation

Odense Renovation is one of Europe’s largest and most advanced waste management centres. The company’s environmental centre runs a workshop, which handles most repairs and maintenance on its large construction machinery.

Odense Case

VM Tarm A/S

Working with the Inground Lift is like having a pit, a lift, and a level floor combined in one. It gives the perfect working conditions and effortlessly allows us to reposition the vehicle in order to maintain the perfect working height regardless of the task"

VM Tarm Case

Aarhus Bus Company

AC Hydraulic has adapted the individual strengths from the other types of inground lifts on the market and combined the functions in one lift. To put it short: we found it was the best way to future-proof our workshop."

Aarhus Case

Volvo Truck Service

The Inground Lift is the best thing that has happened for our workshop during the last decade. It is truly an essential tool during a busy work day filled with versatile tasks. It protects your body and offers you the perfect working height at all times"

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Stiholt Thisted

The 26-metre-long lift at Stiholt in Thisted, Denmark is northern Europe’s longest inground lift. In 2016, the workshop was extended to include new 32-metre lanes and a five-column inground lift. Repairs to flatbed trucks and modular road trains are performed indoors under the best possible working conditions for the mechanics
Stihotl Case Test

Park & Road Service Viborg

Efficiency is up and so is the quality of our repair work. The main reason is that the working conditions for our mechanics are much better with the tractor easily positioned at the right working height – regardless of the task"
Park & Road Case

Transport Autoroutier Demstrup

L’entreprise de transport autoroutier Demstrup, spécialisée entre autres dans le transport de silos et d'asphalte, compte 106 employés, 90 véhicules tracteurs 130 remorques/semi-remorques.

Demstrup Case