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"Truly an
essential tool"

Volvo Truck Service

The Inground Lift is the best thing that has happened for our workshop during the last decade. It is truly an essential tool during a busy work day filled with versatile tasks. It protects your body and offers you the perfect working height at all times.

It takes only minutes to position the lifting columns and cross beams, and exactly align them with the truck’s jacking points.

During the time the Inground Lift has been in use it has had a positive impact on ergonomics for the mechanics, and it is also an important part of the future success of our workshop. Tomorrow’s trucks are becoming more and more compact bringing new challenges for the mechanics. It is crucial to have a tool that effectively allows you to access all parts of the vehicle and in that context the Inground Lift from AC Hydraulic is simply a brilliant concept.

Foreman Karl Skovborg 

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