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"Better working conditions
and greater efficiency"

Odense Renovation

Odense Renovation is one of Europe’s largest and most advanced waste management centres. The company’s environmental centre runs a workshop, which handles most repairs and maintenance on its large construction machinery.

We invested in better working conditions

Before the inground lift was installed, our mechanics risked being crushed when working under the machines, and they often complained of aches and pains. In connection with ISO certification, the Danish Working Environment Authority drew attention to these issues so we decided to invest in better working conditions.  It was clear from the start that the lift was designed with focus squarely on safety and ergonomics. The lift is easy on the arms, legs and knees. We are less prone to strain and injury.

Surprisingly efficient

The ergonomics were expected, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the benefits to efficiency of working with the lift. Not only do we work faster, we also find more faults earlier, i.e. before they become critical. This applies especially to hydraulic systems. In fact, working with hydraulics has become easier with the lift. We simply disconnect one end. The oil empties of its own accord as we can drag the oil drain pan in under the machine and pull the hydraulic pipes out to their full extent.

Getting started faster

We lift everything that can be lifted with the inground lift because it’s quicker to get started. The slide cover is an excellent solution that runs very smoothly. When the lift is not in use, the floor is free and can be used for work with a truck or roller board.

In short, the lift has given us much better working conditions and improved efficiency.

Auto Mechanics Peter Pallesen & Bo Christensen

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