16. Aug 2007

The world's best wheel trolley

WT1500 Workshop

When it comes to aiding the removal and transportation of large wheels, the new WT1500NT is in a league of its own. It offers better ergonomics and improvements on both safety and maneuverability compared to other models in the market, making it the obvious choice for any workshop.

A unique new feature of the WT1500NT is the innovative turning handle that allow the operator to easily align the studs perfectly when re-fitting the wheel. This is done simply by rotating the handle on the control post, which rotates the wheel while keeping the center position fixed. This feature makes handling of any large-size wheel a one-man operation, rendering it a must for any workshop servicing large heavy duty wheels safely, efficiently and ergonomically.

WT1500 Turnwheel Workshop

Easy handling

A waist high hydraulic pump handle moves the jaws in and out to accommodate the different size wheels, as well as to raise or lower the wheel. A ratchet strap secures the unbolted wheel in place to give maximum safety, which also allows good access to the wheel nuts and more efficient working space. Together, the cleverly engineered handling mechanics allow for exceptionally easy handling, while the optimal handle-positions and industrial grade castor wheels enable safe maneuverability.


Improved maneuverability

Very maneuverable and easy to use due to optimum handle position and industrial strength castor wheels.


The handle for the hydraulic pump allows you to expand or retract the jaws with ease.
Pump switch
Simple switch allows the pump function to change jaw direction for retracting or expanding of jaws.
Storage and ratchet strap
Small storage space for ratchet strap. The ratchet strap secures the unbolted wheel in place to give maximum safety.
Unique re-fitting
Rotates the wheel both ways, making the job of aligning wheel studs to the hub a simple and precise operation.
Easy access
Easy access to the wheel nuts, an improvement on models that use a post and bracket to go over the wheels.