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"The right
future-proof solution"

Aarhus Bus Company

AC Hydraulic has adapted the individual strengths from the other types of inground lifts on the market and combined the functions in one lift. To put it short: we found it was the best way to future-proof our workshop.

We have worked with bus lifts for more than 30 years and we know from experience that each type of lift has its individual strengths. However, none of the existing lifts had been developed to handle the lowered chassis, and therefore it was necessary to search the market carefully in order to choose the right future-proof solution.

The decisive factors for us were that the lift offers a level workshop floor, the roller cover has full load capacity and that the lift provides fast and safe lifting and lowering independent of load. Overall, there is no doubt that the AC lift was the right choice for us.

Operations Manager John Madsen

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